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About Dr. Dunni
Dr. 'Dunni is an accomplished empowerment coach, family doctor with a special interest in Lifestyle Medicine, international speaker, and bestselling author. She is the founder of Druwa Academy and the host of the Wellbeing 4 Mothers Show. 

Her mission is to empower people with practical and effective strategies and tools to overcome feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion while ensuring overall health and well-being.

She is a certified Emotional Intelligence leader and provides leadership training, communication strategies, and stress management solutions for organisations.
More about Dr. Dunni
Additionally, Dr. 'Dunni supports companies and corporations in recruiting and retaining mothers in their workforce by offering speaking engagements, coaching, and consulting services focused on time management, energy management, and overall well-being. 

She has received several prestigious awards, including being recognised as one of the top 500 global influential leaders by Brainz Magazine. She has also been honoured with Excellence in Marketing Award and the Global Woman Rising Star Award. 

Her expertise has been featured in various publications, including Brainz Magazine, New York Weekly, Courageous Woman Magazine, Global; Woman Magazine, Shecorporated, Tap-in Magazine, and London Business Magazine.  

As a sought-after speaker, Dr. 'Dunni has shared her empowering message on multiple stages worldwide, offering actionable strategies to improve the well-being of mothers. She excels at simplifying complex medical concepts and explaining practical ways to promote holistic well-being and prevent illness. 

She delivers her knowledge through various channels, including online courses, speaking engagements, books, coaching programs, events, and membership programs. Her approach combines natural, scientific, and medical principles to provide accessible and practical guidance for individuals seeking improved health and overall well-being.
Services @  Druwa Academy
Speaking Engagements
Engage your employees with insightful presentations on the benefits of diversity, inclusion, and the valuable contributions of working mothers.
Training Workshops
Equip your managers and teams with the necessary tools and knowledge to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that supports the needs of working mothers.
Consulting Services
Gain personalized guidance and support in implementing effective strategies for recruiting and retaining mothers, enhancing employee well-being, and improving overall productivity.
What Our Clients Say
Discover how Druwa Academy has made a positive impact on our clients:
Druwa academy provides an amazing step by step education on how you can own your health and live a disease free life. Dr. Dunni Atalabi does an awesome job breaking down medical concepts to the understanding of the average person. She stresses on the need guard against overwhelming feelings and rather focus on adopting positive strategies to enhance our emotional health. I appreciate you Dr. Dunni ❤️.
Stella ,O
Happy Client
Dr, Dunni provided information for change and self care. I found a kind, compassionate professional who was able to give perspective and tools that yielded immediate results. I’m a empty nester but this teaching gives me courage to keep going after the kids are gone!
Tawanda, S
Happy Client
My experience with Dr. Dunni was wonderful. Dr. Dunni is very professional and very friendly. Her knowledge and expertise truly helped me. She is an attentive listener and was able to offer me solutions to my problems. I definitely recommend her services and will book again in the future.
Dara, M
Happy Client
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